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Oil Tube And Casing Pipe


Oil casing plays a vital role in supporting the integrity of oil and gas wells, ensuring a smooth drilling process and the long-term sustainability of the entire well. Its multi-layered structure, tailored to suit the specific geological conditions and drilling depth, makes it an essential component of any well infrastructure. Once the well is complete, cement is used to secure the casing, which cannot be reused and is considered a consumable material. In fact, casing consumption constitutes more than 70% of all oil well pipes.

API5CT Oil Tube

API Full series of oil casing mainly refers to the implementation of the American Petroleum Institute API SPEC 5CT standard of steel pipe, mainly used for oil, natural gas and other resources exploitation. Tubing is used to extract oil or gas from an oil well.

Casing Pipe

Oil casing is a steel pipe used to support the wall of oil and gas Wells to ensure the normal operation of the drilling process and the entire well after completion. Each well uses several layers of casing depending on the drilling depth and geology. Casing after the well to use cement, it is different from tubing, drill pipe, can not be reused, belongs to a one-time consumption of materials. Therefore, casing consumption accounts for more than 70% of all oil well pipes.

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