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PVDF Pipe Fittings & Valves


PVDF Pipe and Fittings are excellent for handling a wide range of chemical solvents and materials since they are resistant to reacting with most of these substances. Among the most often used commercial and industrial PVDF pipes are polyvinylidene fluoride pipes and fittings.

Our various PVDF piping meets all domestic and international quality specifications and criteria. Our entire collection can be delivered in the allowed period. This pipe is melt-blown so that you can extrude it.

To strengthen the connection between different materials, you can chemically etch the conduit. It is handy for metal pipes if you apply a PVDF coating. PVDF Piping system is in stock to satisfy the demands of our valued customers in all possible ways.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) belongs to the group of highly crystal-line high-performance thermoplastics. PVDF retains its high level of stiffness even within the upper temperature range.

The material is highly resistant to the majority of organic and inorganic media, as well as being physiologically safe and offering the benefits of low flammability.

Dimension d20 (12")-d315 (12") in accordance to ISO 10931
Pressure rating Pipes/fittings: 20-110 mm PN 16 (232 PSI); 160-315 mm PN 10 (150 PSI)
Temperature rating from -20 C to 140 C (-4 F to 284 F)
Fittings/valves injection molded
Pipes extruded and stress relieved (ISO 10931-2)
Valves injection molded (additional available oil free treated and paint compatible /silicon free)
Welding technology
BCF Plus, bead and crevice free fusion size : d20 (1/2") - d110 (4")
IR Plus®, infrared fusion (DVS 2207-6) size : d20 (1/2") - d315 (12")
Butt fusion (DVS 2207-15) size : d20 (1/2") - d315 (12")
Socket fusion (DVS 2207-15) size : d20 (1/2") - d63 (2")
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