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Pressure Transmitters & Transducers Portfolio


Micro Sensors pressure transmitters and transducers are piezoresistive principled and with types of absolute, gauge, vacuum, sealed, submersible, flush-mounted, high-temperature, and low-range available. Our pressure transmitters are commonly used in general industrial applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems to measure pressure and process industries like petroleum-chemical, food and beverage, pharmacy, mine, etc.

Pressure Transmitter Suitable

MPM489 is a pressure transmitter developed by our company for general industrial applications. The product is composed of long-term stable and reliable piezoresistive transducer, transmitter special circuit and high strength stainless steel housing. The integrated structure, standardized output mode, a variety of threaded interfaces and electrical connection forms provide an ideal solution for the automation control field with high measurement requirements. The product is strong and durable, can be applied to the caustic environmental conditions, the intrinsic safety circuit and flameproof form is optional, can be used in dangerous places.

Intelligent Digital Pressure Transmitter Suitable

MPM483DM intelligent digital display pressure transmitter is a digital display transmitter product with high precision and high stability. The product adopts advanced digital temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technology, combined with mature pressure transmitter design and manufacturing technology, to ensure the accuracy and stability of pressure measurement. The product has obtained intrinsic safety and flameproof certification, which is suitable for places with explosion-proof requirements; The product adopts wide temperature liquid crystal display and metal casting shell, which can be applied to harsher working conditions; The product has RS485 communication interface, optional standard RS485 MODBUS RTU communication protocol, and RS485 ASCII custom communication protocol, can be networking applications.

High Precision Analog Output Pressure Transmitter MPM480

The MPM480 pressure transmitter uses the piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor with stainless steel isolation film as the signal measurement element, and through the automatic test of computer, the zero point and temperature performance compensation of a wide temperature range by laser resistance adjustment process. The signal processing circuit is located inside the stainless steel housing and converts the sensor signal into a standard output signal. The whole product has passed the strict testing and aging screening of components, semi-finished products and finished products, and the performance is stable and reliable.

MDM6000-GP/AP Type Intelligent Gauge Pressure/absolute Pressure Transmitter

Product Overview MDM6000-GP/AP type intelligent gauge pressure/absolute pressure transmitter adopts advanced monocrystalline silicon piezoresistive technology. The product is used to measure liquid, gas or steam level, density, and pressure, but then the pressure signal is converted into 4mA~20mA DC analog current signal output, while remote setting, monitoring and other functions can be achieved through communication equipment. It is suitable for demanding process industrial field.

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